10. Mount Ararat dominates the skyline of Yerevan, Armenia.

9. Novarank Monastery in Armenia.
Novarank Monastery

8. A roadside stand selling Khinkali along a Georgian highway.

7. High in the Caucuses of northern Georgia.

6. The Zorats Karer stones in the Armenian Highlands with a storm looming over the horizon.
Zorats Karer

5. Mount Kazbeg and the Gergeti Trinity Church near the Georgian-Russian border.
Gergeti Trinity Church

4. A cliffside monastery entance carved into a canyon wall in Armenia.
Geghard Monastery

3. A rainbow inside the arch of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.
Rainbow at the Arc de Triomphe

2. Svan Defense Towers are scattered through the Svaneti region of Georgia.

1. I didn't notice the second cat until several days after I had taken this photo in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Tbilisi Cats